The hand of William Lambarde (1536–1601), antiquary and lawyer

Author of Archaionomia (1568), a collection of Anglo-Saxon laws and treaties, with laws of Edward the Confessor and William I; Perambulation of Kent: Containing the Description, Hystorie and Customs of that Shyre (1576); Eirenarcha, or, The Office of the Justices of Peace (1582); Alphabetical Description of the Chief Places in England and Wales (1730); Dictionarium Angliae topographicum et historicum (1730).

Note the entry strokes in the letters ‘v’ and ‘w’.

Images © Bodleian Libraries and Winchester Cathedral


Lambarde 1 Lat Hist d 2 fol 1a

Bodl. MS Lat. Hist. d. 2, fol. 1a. List of contents, with Lambarde’s name in Anglo-Saxon lettering at the head


Lambarde 2 Lat Hist d 2 fol 39r

Bodl. MS Lat. Hist. d. 2, fol. 39r. Abstracts from the Prise-Say register, Winchester MS XXB.


Lambarde 3 Winchester XXB p 93 detail

Winchester Cathedral, MS XXB, Prise-Say register, p. 93. Marginal annotation.