The Rawlinson Volume of the Cartulary of St Leonard’s Hospital, York

This edition, comprising the charters and deeds contained in the second volume of the hospital’s cartulary, Bodley MS Rawlinson B. 455, with associated materials, was published in the Yorkshire Archaeological Record Series at the end of 2015.

The volume covers the East and West Ridings of Yorkshire, and includes comprehensive notes on many Yorkshire families.


Indexes to Cartulary of St Leonard’s, Rawlinson Volume


The hand of William Lambarde (1536–1601), antiquary and lawyer

Author of Archaionomia (1568), a collection of Anglo-Saxon laws and treaties, with laws of Edward the Confessor and William I; Perambulation of Kent: Containing the Description, Hystorie and Customs of that Shyre (1576); Eirenarcha, or, The Office of the Justices of Peace (1582); Alphabetical Description of the Chief Places in England and Wales (1730); Dictionarium Angliae topographicum et historicum (1730).

Note the entry strokes in the letters ‘v’ and ‘w’.

Images © Bodleian Libraries and Winchester Cathedral


Lambarde 1 Lat Hist d 2 fol 1a

Bodl. MS Lat. Hist. d. 2, fol. 1a. List of contents, with Lambarde’s name in Anglo-Saxon lettering at the head


Lambarde 2 Lat Hist d 2 fol 39r

Bodl. MS Lat. Hist. d. 2, fol. 39r. Abstracts from the Prise-Say register, Winchester MS XXB.


Lambarde 3 Winchester XXB p 93 detail

Winchester Cathedral, MS XXB, Prise-Say register, p. 93. Marginal annotation.