Index of Charters

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

The Charters of William II and Henry I Project welcomes citation of the draft archives. To mitigate the difficulties inherent in citing provisional material, the number of revised versions for each beneficiary archive will be kept to a minimum. Current and previous versions will be available on the project website until final publication, and all draft releases will be archived to the Oxford University Research Archive (

Readers should note that numbers are sometimes assigned to acts within archives. These may change and will not appear in the final edition, so citation of them is not recommended. Informal citation requires the name of the archive and the Regesta number. Precise citation should include the release name (e.g. H1-Whitby-2013-1) and page number. Where a particular act, or the note to it, is cited, the Regesta number should be noted: if the act is not in Regesta, this should be stated.

The following drafts are available for download as PDFs:

William II:

Beverley Minster

Chichester Cathedral

Henry I:

Proclamations, Treaties, Letters

Abingdon Abbey

Adam the clerk

Aelwin fitz Godegos

Alfred of Lincoln

Barnwell Priory

Beverley Minster

Blyth Priory

Charroux Abbey

Men of Chichester

Chichester Cathedral

Colne Priory

Ernald Rufus

Fawsley Church

Forn Sigulfsson and Ivo fitz Forn

Gilbert Chaillot

Gisborough Priory

Godstow Abbey

Great Malvern Priory


Ipswich Priory

Llandaff Cathedral

Llanthony Priory

Nostell Priory

Oxford, St Bartholomew’s Hospital

Pontefract Priory

Ralph fitz Ulviet

Richard de Belmeis

Ripon Minster

Robert de Brus

Robert cum Capite

Southwell Minster

Walter and Miles of Gloucester

William de Glanvill

William fitz Ulf


Wix Priory

It is hoped that more beneficiary archives will be added in due course.

Supplementary material:

Editorial Guidelines

Short Titles and Select Bibliography


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